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PI-IG-100 'V' TYPE






'Prakash' Rotary internal gear pumps are available for various applications:
Our pumps can be used for various transfer of oils like – light diesel oil, transformer oil, fuel oil, lube oil, castor oil, grease, wax etc..

  • With steam jacketed construction for LSHS/Tar pumping.
  • In Cast Steel Cast Iron SS-304. SS-316 and Bronze for handling petroleum products, food products & chemicals.
  • With hardened and ground gears for handling liquids of low viscosity.
  • With profile ground gear for high pressure duties, at low noise levels.

Special Features
Relief Valve is not required for application Of non-lubricant & corrosive liquids & for pressure higher than 100 K.g./Cm.' and hence not offered.
Valve and valve seat of relief valve are hardened and ground for high pressure application from 25 K.g./Cm.' to 100 K.g./Cm.2
Pressure application higher than 8 K.g/Cm.2 are considered high Pressure applications.
Profile ground gears are offered for pressure higher than 15 K.g./Cm
Direction of rotation can be offered as per requirement
Pumps can generally develop negative suction of 4/5 metres and maximum upto 7 metres
Pump suction and delivery have BSP connections. Flange connections can be offered on request.
Foot or flange mounted pumps can be offered as per requirement.
Compact in size, High efficiency, Easy to maintain

Design and working of 'Prakash' rotary internal gear pump

'Prakash' Rotary Internal Gear Pumps are simple in design and construction. They are built in various sizes and versions to suit every possible industrial application.

'Prakash' Rotary Internal Gear Pumps are specially designed for handling liquids with very low viscosity and very high viscosity, free from abrasive particles and corrosive substances. Pump bodies are designed with due consideration for porting and opening for easy entry for discharge. The gears used are special profile for most efficiency liquid transfer with absolutely noiseless operation.

'Prakash' Rotary Internal Gear Pumps are essentially constant displacement pumps, pressure range being from 0 K.g./Cm.2 upto 50 K.g./Cm.2. These pumps are exclusively used for generating pressure for oil hydraulic devices. Different types of Rotary Internal Gear Pumps can be offered depending upon required pressure application 'Prakash' Rotary Internal Gear Pumps are used for application of low to medium high pressure, high pressure in exceptional cases.

'Prakash' Rotary Internal Gear Pumps have only two moving parts. The positive displacement of liquid is accomplished by the complete filling of the spaces between the teeth of the rotor and idler gears. The only limiting factor to peak performance in an internal Gear Pump. As with all Rotary Pumps, is that the liquid pumped must be comparatively clean.

With every revolution of the pump shaft a definite amount of liquid enters the pump through the suction port This liquid fills the spaces between the teeth of the rotor and the idler The crescent on the pump head the pump head splits the flow of liquid as it is moved smoothly toward the discharge port.

The idler gear, which carries the liquid between its teeth and the inside surface of the crescent rotates on the pin supported by the pump head. The rotor gear, which carries the liquid between its teeth, travels between the casing and the outside surface of the crescent and is connected to the pump shaft.

Efficient & Dependable
These Gear Pumps have proved themselves dependable and efficient in many types of industrial pumping applications. They handle liquids ranging from light, volatile, liquified gasses to heavy viscous liquids and semi-solids.Intemal Gear pumping principle has only two moving parts-"A gear within a gear."

Suction Lifts
These Gear Pumps are suitable for suction lifts up to 25 feet (depending upon breaking point of volatile liquids). Heavy, viscous liquids are readily handled with reduction in speeds from standard ratings. Capacity is correspondingly reduced.

'Prakash' Rotary INTERNAL Gear Pumps are suitable for either direct Drive through flexible coupling or "V" Belt Drive. or through Gear Box Drive, or through Variable Speed Drives.

Our Internal Gear Pumps, are robust and sturdy in build. Constructed with Best of materials to give long working life. Proper maintenance and regular periodical checking will help in giving long and continuous operation life for our pumps.


Pump speeds should be as under depending upon the viscosity of liquids being handled

Viscosity range of liquid Pump speed in rpm
Upto 1500 1500
1500-5000 1000
5000-15000 750
15000-50000 500
Above 50000 200-300
Pump capacity is directly proportional to speed.

If the liquid being pumped is poor lubricant, pump is operated at lower speeds ranging from 100 to 1000 rmp, depending upon the properties of the liquid.

Pumps upto model pi eg:1000 with 250 psi pressure,are offered with hardened and profile ground spur gears in place of single helical/double helical gears,

NO PUMP MODEL SUCTION DELIVERY 0 50 100 200 50 100 200
1 PI: IG : 10 1/2" 1/2" 15 15 12.5 10 0.5 0.5 2 1440
2 PI: IG : 30 1" 1" 35 35 30 25 1.5 1.5 3 1440
3 PI: IG : 100 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 110 110 100 95 2 3 5 1440
4 PI: IG : 250 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 263 263 250 220 5 5 7.5 720
5 PI: IG : 350 2" 2" 360 360 350 325 7.5 7.5 10 720
6 PI: IG : 500 3" 3" 550 490 480 450 7.5 12.5 20 500
7 PI: IG : 1000 4" 4" 1010 985 970 ~ 10 15 ~ 500

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